The Ship was afloat, the spirits were trapped. The mystery was revealed.

Ghost Ship – This old beauty from the ’90s, a part of the isolation horror, where a crew of technical and experienced salvagers is trapped on an ocean liner trying to escape an unseen entity. Imagine John Maclane at the Nakatomi Towers, but instead of fighting terrorists, he is fighting zombies. Anyways, in the last article, I wrote about the adventures on board the ‘Nostromo’. A few years later, a new hybrid genre of isolation genre, we a no escape clause came back into play. Not many made it to the mark, and amongst the midst was Ghostship, in the lines but different from a Deep Rising. Horror at the sea, like a Poseidon Adventure, except the ship, hasn’t turned upside down, just abandoned at sea, for a while and infested by ghosts running away from a horrid past. so what happens next? Do the Salvagers die? Do the Salvagers find the loot? Do the Salvagers kill each other? Do the Salvagers save the girl?


Although the movie does not adhere to a shock and surprise system, for its horror, it still works on building up the tension slowly. It fails with the engagement of the characters, and the interactions with the ghosts are predictable until you come across the past, the dance at the beginning of the movie which ends up in the blood. Isolation is a strong part of horror movies, but once the like interchange a haunted house with rooms, to a space ship or a ship in the water, then throw in a few ghost sightings, then either someone disappears, someone gets killed or some gets killed and disappears, the audience knows, the others begin to search, one by one death comes knocking at the door. Then a small revelation leads to an anti-climax and then to the climax which could either live up to the reputation or fail to provide a happy ending.


Ghostship had everything working for itself as a good horror movie, lost ship at sea, a group of experts who want to get with the treasure, a bunch of ghosts that love play tricks with the mind, a ghost with a Casper Complex and partial nudity that would make the midnight viewing interesting. Mostly, it had a ’90s style which was more adaptable to make a feature work on home video. One problem with the movie is that it sets up everything very well but doesn’t live up to the beginnings or maybe this story should have had a different beginning. The characters are very bland, very one dimensional, it is the situations that make it interesting for the viewers. Still, the movie loses out on the horror, possibly something which a ’13 Ghosts’ had or maybe a ‘Scream’ did for the viewers.   The Salvagers could have been abandoned at sea, rather driven to the sea to find the ship, the history of the ship is interesting, but what connection does it have with a soul keeper is still puzzling. Yet, it’s a good watch.

by ScreenJives


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